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If in any way you need something in the Laundry, Dry Cleaning or Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Range that is not on our list just call us at Phone:(+353) 429372106 and we will do our best to supply it to you or advise you.












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Wet Cleaning    
Green Globe   Consumer demand for environmentally-preferable cleaning methods is on the rise. This increase is evidenced by the rising number of facilities offering Wet Cleaning services, the growing number of Wet Cleaning machines sold during the past several years, and the growing number of new Wet Cleaning products on the market. Evidence suggests that customers will see cleaners who offer Wet Cleaning as responsible businesses that are concerned about the environment.
Hospital Hygiene   In business it is always important to be competitive. For laundrettes and dry cleaners their greatest competition is not the cleaners down the road, it is a much more difficult competitor. For the commercial cleaner the biggest competition is the customer washing their garments at home. To effectively take on this competition the professionals must offer cleaning that can not be rivalled by the domestic cleaners.
Commercial Cleaners    
Woman working Wet Cleaning machine   Wet Cleaning offers the commercial cleaner a strong tool to compete with home washing, while also increasing their capacity for specialist treatments. It offers better cleaning results, with lower set up and running costs. The added bonus is that with the one machine you can do everything from regular laundry to specialist leather cleaning, waterproofing and odour eliminating programmes.
Wet Cleaning Agents   Wet Cleaning gives super results while being gentle and kind to your customer's clothes, with low mechanical action, low water levels and mild cleaning agents. The specialised cleaning agents retain colours, brighten whites and re-texturise the garments
Industrial Machines   Dormer Ireland supply and install Wet Cleaning machines, a new line of high-tech commercial laundry and drying machines that increases the range of previously dry clean only garments that can now be cleaned in carefully controlled amounts of water.
See our machines
Benefits of the genuine wet clean process include:

Wet Cleaning uses low levels of water with environmentally friendly biodegradable soaps and conditioners to provide excellent cleaning results

Water is the best known cleaning detergent, excellent for removing blood or food stains

Commercial laundry and Wet Cleaning machines supplied by Dormer Ireland are all fully programmable, for ease of use, and to allow specific programmes to be used on garments to get the best cleaning results
Pump systems can be installed to machines by Dormer Ireland in order that the correct amount of Wet Cleaning soaps are utilised in the machine
Wet Cleaning is particularly ideal for retirement and nursing homes, where the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene are demanded
Advanced waterproofing programmes ideal for fireman's uniforms, high viz security jackets, ski jackets, jackets worn by hikers or horse blankets
Approximately 70% of all garments can be Wet Cleaned using specialised Wet Cleaning solutions, by an experienced Wet Cleaner.

Dormer Ireland Limited believe that the essential components of a quality Wet Cleaning system should include:

High Tech Washer such as The Spirit Industrial WSI Laundry Extractors
Specifically formulated Wet Cleaning detergents/chemicals See our products
High Tech Dryers such as The Spirit ProLine Tri Dryers
High Tech Dryers such as The Spirit ProLine Tri Dryers
Top Quality and Accurate Training of Staff in Wetcleaning Skills, & knowledge of fabrics and fabricare.
When considering the investment in any of our Wetcleaning equipment, you should be sure to try to see the equipment in use first hand at Dormer Ireland Limited. Ask about our free demonstration, See Our Free Demonstration
Machine based Wet Cleaning technology is harnessed to make washers and dryers with precise controls, chemicals optimised for cleaning in water, and finishing equipment to restore the proper size and shape to garments. See Machines
Programmes & times
Dormer Ireland Limited sell complete packages consisting of both a washer and dryer (which may also be purchased separately). We also sell Wet Cleaning chemicals. Our washers feature a frequency controlled motor, which allows the operator to change speeds/mechanical action of the drum quickly and efficiently. Machines come with programmes preloaded and new programmes may be added by the user, up to a maximum of 90 in some machines. Average wash cycle 30 minutes and the average drying cycle is 15 minutes.
Dryers feature Residual Moisture Control (RMC) sensors which directly measure garment moisture 400 times per second for precise drying. Dryers have up to eight preset programmes plus manual cycle options. The 30 lb. models are distinguished by the size of the dryer. Our Spirit ProLine Tri 8250 has a load weight: 10 kg. The Spirit ProLine Tri 8357 has a load weight: 15 kg. and our Spirit ProLine Tri 8550 has a load weight: 22 kg

Professional Wet Cleaning is most successful when specially formulated detergents and chemicals are used. Dormer Ireland Limited provide the complete range for all types of fabrics. See Detergents.



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