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If in any way you need something in the Laundry, Dry Cleaning or Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Range that is not on our list just call us at Phone:(+353) 429372106 and we will do our best to supply it to you or advise you.


Our Free Phone Dormer Hanger number is:

1800 HANGER /1800 426 437.

This number is for Ireland only.

Veit Products & Equipment

When Wet Cleaning, VEIT is the perfect partner for finishing equipment, contact us direct for further details of machines and systems for ironing and pressing of garments.

We supply well-known textile care and dry-cleaning companies, laundries.We can advise and supply to fit your needs.

Specialising in fabric finishing (the ironing and pressing of fabrics), bonding of fabrics and other materials as well as electric steam generators and attachments.

Industrial Steam & Dry Irons   We Supply up to 6 types of Industrial Irons
  The huge advantage of the industrial steam iron HP2003 is the electronically controlled temperature with a maximum tolerance of +- 2°C. The precise regulation of the soleplate temperature makes it possible to iron the most delicate fabrics. A normal iron which is controlled by a simple thermostat has a maximum tolerance of +- 15-20°C which means that there can be a huge difference in what temperature you have set on the iron and what temperature actually is on the soleplate. So with those irons delicate fabrics cannot be ironed with a constant quality as the soleplate temperatures are unsteady.


Industrial Ironing Tables  

We Supply a variety of 12 different Ironing tables and accessories


It was the first ironing table in the world which has been designed as a building block system, making it easy to change surfaces and bucks or change pointing left or right.

The Varisoet DB tables are mountable, as required, pointing left or right. They can be equipped with various shapes and sizes of ironing surfaces and are ideal for the ironing of skirts, dresses, jackets and blouses. A swivelarm assembly designed for a large variety of ironing bucks as well as a support gantry and a lighting system make this station a perfect ironing unit for processing of ladies’ wear. The suction and blowing function is standard with all Varioset tables.

Tunnel Finisher for Laundry   Logistic solutions for the textile care industry.

The VEIT Steam Tunnel consists of minimum one Steam Module and one Circulating Air Module. Optionally a Pre-treatment Module can be added at the entrance of the Tunnel Finisher which allows an improved finish result with natural fibers.
In the Steam Module the garment is treated with saturated steam making the garment swell and formable. The circulating air module with its elaborate air flow straightens the garment and fixes the result by drying the garment.

The completely modular concepts make it easy to add more Steam Modules and / or more Circulating Air Modules in order to increase productivity.


Industrial Steam and Dry Irons. Also accessories for Industrial Irons.High pressure steam irons, Seam irons and dry irons. Everything you need for the garment industry, textile refinshers, textile care, laundry and tailor shops.

Industrial Ironing Tables:The vacuum tables for example, are available with suction only or with suction and blowing.

Steam Generator:Small steam generators and electric steam boilers.

Pressing Machines: Pressing equipment for Underpressing and Finish.

Finishing Equipment: Finish equipment like Suzzies, Multiform Finisher and Pants Finishers.
Tunnel Finisher for Laundry: logistic solutions for the garment industry.



Prices quoted exclude VAT @ 21 % and delivery charges where applicable

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