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If in any way you need something in the Laundry, Dry Cleaning or Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Range that is not on our list just call us at Phone:(+353) 429372106 and we will do our best to supply it to you or advise you.






Our Free Phone Dormer Hanger number is:

1800 HANGER /1800 426 437.

This number is for Ireland only.




Lizerna Alka
Lizerna Alka


Lizerna Alka Highly concentrated washing booster which increases the pH-value of the liquor even at low concentration; this increases the washing efficiency of the detergent; especially suited for textiles heavily-soiled by grease. 58.80 per 20 litre drum
Price: 58.80 €

Lizerna PT
Lizerna PT


Lizerna PT Washing Booster: Highly concentrated mixture of non-ionic surfactants. High solubilizing power of synthetic oil and fat. Ideal additive for working clothes, cleaning clothes etc. but also applicable as intensifier for fat wash processes. Optimal temperature > 50 C. Price: 41.75 per 10 Litre.
Price: 41.75 €

Oldopal Quick
Oldopal Quick


OLDOPAL QUICK Concentrated grease solving agent for the wet treatment of textiles and carpets Grease-dissolving concentrate, specially suitable for collar soil, also for large-scale grease stains; excellent effect on all kind of greasy dirt; strongly developed pigment soil redeposition; especially suitable for collar soil; miscible with water in any ratio; easy to rinse; even applicable as spray solution for larger areas; excellently suited for the pre-treatment of heavily-soiled and extremely-strained carpet areas. Price: 53.25 per 10 Litre
Price: 53.25 €

Ozerna Classic Plus
Ozerna Classic Plus


OZERNA CLASSIC PLUS phoshate-free multi-purpose detergent Properties: optimal cost effectiveness effective at temperatures from 30C - 90C (86 - 194F) good bleaching effect from 40C thanks to use of percarbonate contains no notifiable fragrances suitable for use in all types of machine. Price 33.00 per 20Kg bag
Price: 33.00 €

Ozerna Extra
Ozerna Extra


Ozerna Extra This product is excellent for shirts. Phosphate-free, bleach-activated multi-purpose detergent Price: 81.59 per 25kg
Price: 81.59 €

Ozerna Liquid 20 Litre
Ozerna Liquid 20 Litre


OZERNA LIQUID Sole Wash Detergents. Can be used in combination with Sept PES Conc. as hygiene detergent. Price: 52.80 per 20 Litre
Price: 52.80 €



Restorer Washing powders Specially formulated stain removal combination containing oxygen release bleach, organic sequestrant and stabilisers. Price: 63.50 per 25kg
Price: 63.50 €




Prices quoted exclude VAT @ 21 % and delivery charges where applicable

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