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If in any way you need something in the Laundry, Dry Cleaning or Hotel and Restaurant Cleaning Range that is not on our list just call us at Phone:(+353) 429372106 and we will do our best to supply it to you or advise you.






Our Free Phone Dormer Hanger number is:

1800 HANGER /1800 426 437.

This number is for Ireland only.

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A to D


Antisept ALH
Antisept RD Plus
Benzapon 1
Benzapon 2
Benzapon 3
Bridal Garment Cover 72 Inch
Bridal Wood Hanger WB
Bridal Zip Bag
Bronze Plain Wire Hanger
Champagne Bridal Boxes
Clay Oxy
Clip Hanger CLX34 Black
Clip Hanger Wood WC
Curtain Tube 12 Inch
Curtain Tube 16 Inch
Defoam Small
Defoam 2000
Desktop Sellotape Dispenser
Detaprofi Blodex
Detaprofi Blodex 1Litre
Detaprofi Blodex 5 Litre
Detaprofi Ferex
Detaprofi Lacex
Detaprofi Medex
Detaprofi Set Large
Detaprofi Set Small
Devantol Magic
Devantol Soft
Devantol Super
Digital Weighing Scales
Dormer Bleach
Dormer Oilaway
Dormer Oilaway 25LTR
Dormer Rainbow
Dormer Smart Bio
Dormer Smart Non Bio
Dormer Soft
Dormer Soft 25 Litre
Dormer Soft Blue
Dormer Stand
Dormer Starch 5 Litre
Dry Cleaning Book Brown
Dry Cleaning Books Blue
Dry Cleaning Books Green
Dry Cleaning Books Grey
Dry Cleaning Books Peach
Dry Cleaning Books Pink
Dry Cleaning Books Purple
Dry Cleaning Books Red
Dry Cleaning Books White
Dry Cleaning Books Yellow
Duvet Bags 0B2/54

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E to H
Festive Hanger Shield Sample
Filter Powder
Flemex Ex Aerotex
Foam Guards
Garment Covers Perforated -P2/36
Garment Covers Perforated - P2/40
Garment Covers Perforated - P2/42
Garment Covers Perforated - P2/48
Garment Covers Perforated - P2/54
Garment Covers Perforated - P2/60
Garment Covers Perforated - P2/72
Garment Covers Perforated - P3/30
Garment Covers Perforated - p3/36
Garment Covers Perforated - P3/40
Garment Covers Perforated - P3/42
Garment Covers Perforated - P3/48
Garment Covers Perforated - P3/54
Garment Covers Perforated - P3/60
Garment Covers Perforated - P3/72
Garment Covers Printed
Garment Rail Five Foot
Garment Rail Four Foot
Garment Rail Six Foot
Garment Rail Three Foot
Hanger Shield Personalised
Hanger Shields Paper
Hanger Shields Personalised
Hanger Shields Plastic
Hypur Konz
Hypur Special
I to L

Iron Shoe Iron Master
Iron Shoe Pony Junior
Iron Shoe Pony Senior
Jacket Hanger J42 with Bar
Jacket Hanger J42 Black
Jacket Hanger Wood W1
Labels 75MM X 45 MM
Laundry Bags Blue Large
Laundry Bags Blue Small
Laundry Bags White Large
Laundry Bags White Small
Laundry Bin Large
Laundry Bin Medium
Laundry Bin Small
Laundry Book Blue
Laundry Book Green
Laundry Book Pink
Laundry Book White
Laundry Book Yellow
Lival Licker Konz
Lizerna Alka
Lizerna Fresh
Lizerna Ox
Lizerna Pret
Lizerna PT
Lizerna RS
Lizerna WS

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M to P

Measuring Tapes
Net Bags 24x36
Neutracid Granules
Neutracid Liquid
Oldomat Klar
Oldomat Klar 10 Litre
Oldomat OC 12 Kg.
Oldomat OC 26Kg. can
Oldomat Plus 25Kg. can

Oldopal Basic

Oldopal L
Oldopal MWB

Oldopal Pre Finish
Oldozym AP
Omina Brillant 10 Litre can
Omina Brilliant
Omina Glason
Omina Glason 10 Litre can
Omina Top
Omina Top 10 Litre can
Omnia Exquisit
Omnia Exquisit 10 Litre
Omnia Spezial
Omnia Spezial 10 LTR
Orbin S-OC
Owners Risk Label
Ozerna Classic
Ozerna Classic Plus
Ozerna Extra
Ozerna Liquid 20 Litre
Ozerna Rainbow
Perc 20 Litre
Perc 4X2.5 Litre
Persil Bio
Persil Colour
Persil Non Bio
Personalised Hanger Shields
Petrosol Citro 10 Litre
Petrosol Citro 1000ml
Petrosol Forte
Petrosol Forte 10 Litre
Petrosol Pulver
Plastic Hanger Shield
Polythene Tube 100g
Polythene Tube 120g
Polythene Tube 75g
Powerclean Quick
Powerclean Quick 10 Litre can
Powerclean Strip
Powerclean Strip 10 Litre
Press Cover C04
Press Cover C09
Protect Solid

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Q to T

Rail Divider Dark Green
Rail Dividers Black
Rail Dividers Brown
Rail Dividers Gold
Rail Dividers Red
Rail Dividers White
Rail Dividers Yellow
Rainbow Plus
Rainbow Super
Refuse Bags
Safety Pins
Secafix 1
Secafix 2
Secafix 3
Secalux 10 Litre
Optical Brightner
Secapur Breeze 10 Litres
Secapur Breeze 20 Litres
Secapur Dry Master
Secapur Megastar
Secapur Multi
Secapur Perfect
Secapur Summer Wind
Sellotape 0.5 Inch
Sellotape 0.75 Inch
Sellotape 1 Inch
Sept E
Sept Pes Konz
Sewing Kit
Shirt Bags Clear Front
Shirt Boards
Shirt Hanger Bronze Wire
Shoulder Guards Standard
Silver Notched Hanger
Plain Wire Hanger
Sleeve Former Heavy
Sleeve Former Light
Sorry Ticket
Spotting Brush Hard
Spotting Brush Medium
Spotting Brush Soft
Spray Starch Can
Spul Glanz Neu
Stain Ticket Sorry Cards
Stain Tickets Owner's Risk
Standard Clothes Brush
Standard Tagging Gun
Staple Gun
Straight Pins
Suit Carrier Bags

Suit Cover
Superwhite Washing Powder
Tagging Gun
Tagging Needles Standard
Tags 15mm
Tags 20mm
Tags 25mm
Tags 40mm
Tags 65mm
Tape Gun 2 Inch
Terasit FC
The Dormer Hanger Metal Hook

The Dormer Hanger White
Tie Bags

Tie Boards
Till Roll Computerised Thermal
Till Rolls 44MM STD Blue
Till Rolls 44MM STD Green
Till Rolls 44MM Std Mauve
Till Rolls 44MM STD Pink
Till Rolls 44MM STD White
Till Rolls 44MM STD Orange
Till Rolls Computerised STD Paper
Tissue Paper Blue
Tissue Paper Cerise
Tissue Paper Green
Tissue Paper White
Tolo Aktiv 10 Litre
Tolo Aktiv 1000ml
Tolo GFB 10 Litre
Tolo GFB 1000ml
Tolo KSR
Tolo Soft
Top W40 Wood
Trouser Carrier Bags
Trouser Guards
Tuff Tape Plain Blue
Tuff Tape Plain Green
Tuff Tape Plain Orange
Tuff Tape Plain Purple
Tuff Tape Plain White
Tuff Tape Printed Pre Spot
Tuff Tape Printed Press Only
Tuff Tape Printed Repair

U to Z
Ultra Clean
Valet Complete 20M
Valet Complete 5M
Valet Handle 20M
Valet Handle 5M
Valet Refill 20M
Valet Refill 5M
Wardrobe Organisers 5 Pocket
Wardrobe Organiser 10 pocket
Wardrobe organiser 12 pocket
Wardrobe organiser 16 pocket
Wash Bag
White Plain Wire Hanger
Wooden Clothes Brush
Wooden Hanger with bar 3 PK.
Zico Blocks
Zip Suit Bag
Craft Set


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